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How To Enjoy Your Holidays To Dubai

Dubai is expected to attract more than 15 million people by 2015.

In an effort to make Dubai more palatable to Western travelers, officials have worked hard to erase the signs of contentious Middle East cultures associated with Iraq and Afghanistan. The city is a modern haven for vacationers, offering shopping malls filled with every popular brand-name store, and entertainment venues full of events that promise unique experiences for even the most seasoned tourist.

Not-to-be-missed Activities

• Indoor Ski Resort

skiAn exhilarating activity and perhaps an odd sight in the desert is an indoor ski resort near the Mall of the Emirates. Ski Dubai is a spectacular indoor ski resort and offers an assortment of cold-weather entertainment. You can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities. The dimensions of the track speak for itself; 85 meters high, 80 meters in width and a maximum length of 400 meters. There are five ski paths with different difficulty levels.

Like any ski resort, Ski Dubai offers various courses like snowboarding and tubing throughout the year. Kids can experience one-on-one penguin interaction up close and prices range from $40 up to the ultimate package of $230. Prices fluctuate throughout the year for classes depending on traditional seasons.

• The Burj Khalifa

khalifaJust over half a mile high, at 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa is world’s tallest tower and the central part of a complex development of sustainable Downtown Dubai.

Dubai has come to be known for its majestic engineering and architecture, and the construction of the Burj Khalifa represents brilliant planning. Celebrity designer, Nada Andric of U.S. based Skidmore, Owings and Merrill combined the use of glass, stainless steel, polished stone, stucco walls, and handmade textures to convey the local culture of Dubai. There are 160 habitable floors, 49 used for offices and 61 used for apartments. The124th floor is open to the public and provides a balcony referred to as “At The Top,” with a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the city.

• Global Village

The Global Village is a fairground celebrating diverse cultures, foods and products of more than forty cultures. Mouth-watering international cuisines, live entertainment, and rides, games and cultural exhibitions and festivals are the main attractions here, and well-worth your time. Besides being an international destination with a modern contemporary culture, cheap holidays to Dubai have exponentially grown into a popular vacation hotspot.

You can find treasures such as the high-quality cottons from China, nuts from Syria, honey from Yemen, Iranian carpets, fabrics from India and Morocco furniture, just to name a few.

Especially for Kids

Dubai-Zoo-2012Dubai Zoo: Home to over 230 different animals and many endangered species such as, Bengal & Siberian tigers, Arabian wolves, Barbary sheep and indigenous birds.

Splash Land: Water activities and more than 20 acres of fun. Huge waterslides, inner tubes, bumper boats and a large wave pool are just a few activities for family fun. After a long day in the sun, the family can head over to the Main Street ice cream parlor and gift shop, and then the end their day at Splash Land with a final thrilling ride on the roller coaster.

Al Mamzar Public Beach Park: 100+ acres of beach, swimming pools and green space, playgrounds and a spacious amphitheatre that extends into the Persian Gulf and offers beautiful views and a perfect afternoon with the family.


dune-drivingNo Dubai trip would be complete without visiting the desert. Safaris tours offer a view of the real heart of Arabia. You can choose a full or half day trip to visit isolated villages and goat farms and experience the majesty of the sand dunes. Highlights of the safari desert tours include:

Dune Driving: driving in the sand is an adventure in itself. The challenge of driving on varied terrain and remaining mobile, combined with the excitement of a rollercoaster ride is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Camel Riding: nothing says Arabia like a camel ride, and it’s a major tourist attraction. Camel rides are available in the desert or along the beach, and can be combined into packages that include Arabic buffet dinners and entertainment. All the hotels arrange the camel tours but you can also make arrangements directly. Cost average approximately $85 during prime seasons.

The Enchantment Of Dubai

Dubai sits approximately fifty feet above sea level and is located on the Persian Gulf of the United Arab Emirates. It is a highly travelled to destination for both leisure and business purposes. The Persian Gulf borders its west coast and its closest neighbors are Oman in the southeast, Sharjah in the north and Abu Dhabi in the south. The region is a hub of commerce and tourism, and visitors are rarely disappointed with what they find in this intriguing location. Dubai holds the title of world’s highest occupancy rate for hotels. Renowned for its luxurious, top-notch amenities, the area offers something to please all travellers, regardless of whether they are visiting the city for business or pleasure.

A Diversified Region

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek

Situated on the Jumeirah Coastal Belt, the Dubai Creek is a highly popular spot among numerous visitors and many luxury hotels are found in this section. Professionals from all walks of life often travel to Port Rashid on an annual basis to attend corporate functions in the Business Bay district.

Leisure travellers often focus their itinerary on the outstanding architecture and scenery located in the region. Many visitors are attracted to Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest tower, or one of the numerous manmade islands that have appealed to globetrotters for decades.


The earliest recorded Dubai history dates back to 1095 CE. However, no records have been found from that time until 1587, when a writer discussed Dubai as a favourite location among pearl divers. The Dubai royal family can be traced back to the early 19th century when the Al Maktoum Dynasty claimed Dubai from Abu Dhabi–the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It was at this point that Dubai became an independent Emirate. After this took place, Dubai became very involved in trading, particularly with Great Britain.


Dubai in the mid-20th century

Dubai in the mid-20th century

Oil was initially discovered in Dubai in 1966 in Fateh Field. Dubai Crude is considered light and sour according to international oil standards. Dubai Crude is used as an oil marker or price benchmark, as it is one of the few instantly  available crude oils in the Persian Gulf. The other primary oil markers are West Texas Intermediate and Brent Crude. Dubai holds second place among the oil reserves in the United Arab Emirates and at peak, boasted about four billion barrels of oil in reserve, although this has declined somewhat over the past 15 years.


Well known for its outstanding shopping opportunities and friendly residents, Dubai has the distinction of being the region’s largest and most thriving center of commerce. The celebrated entrepreneurial atmosphere of the region has led to some of Middle East’s strongest brands, such as Emirates Airline Group, The Jumeirah Group, and Dubai Duty Free, all of which have helped to established the city as a leader. Over the past decade Dubai has also been recognised as a top holiday destination. Often called the playground of architects, some individuals travel to this enchanting city for the sole purpose of viewing its impressive buildings and architectural scenery.


Ramadan In DubaiWhen traveling to Dubai during Ramadan, it is important for visitors to realise that the Holy Month is observed from the end of June until the end of July each year. For example, in 2014, holy days begin on June 28 and commence July 27. Throughout this period, dining at resorts is restricted to specific areas and no alcoholic beverages are made available in any public or shared areas–including resort lounges—until after sunset each day. Consuming alcohol in any public areas before sunset is strictly prohibited. However, soft drinks are permitted, but visitors should be discreet when consuming any liquid beverage in public. Hotel and resort employees will be more than happy to inform guests more about Ramadan.

Tourism and Accommodations

Dubai hotels thrive on the high number of visitors to whom they cater each year and sales of Dubai  holidays are at an all time high. Many guests flock to the area for celebrations such as the Eid al Adha holiday, which is highlighted by discounted shopping rates offered by hundreds of local businesses for a period of ten days surrounding the holiday. The area is also host to a high number of exhibitions and conferences each year, such as Cityscape and the World Energy Forum, which are only a few of the many events in the region that continuously draw an international audience. For this reason, the hotel industry thrives in Dubai. Travellers often choose Dubai package holidays when staying in this enchanting area, as this option is both cost effective and convenient. Anyone planning a trip to this mesmerising area can anticipate an unforgettable experience.

A Very Good 1968 Documentary About The Oil Discovery In UAE and Saudi Arabia:

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